Physical Specs

  • Competition standard 45mm diameter

  • 8' and 10' LED display options (12' coming soon)

  • Spin and static modes

  • Smooth impact-resistant polycarbonate surface

  • Constructed with aerospace-grade materials

  • 120W max power

  • Top end requires bolted support, attaches to box truss or venue infrastructure

  • bottom end compatible with the X-sTage by X-pole, or a polefx bottom support, bolted or pinned to stage

Tech Specs

  • Approx. 2000 individually controlled RGB pixels

  • 8 columns of lEDs at 80 pixels per meter

  • Ethernet connection for flexibility and reliability

  • wireless control

  • Remote software updates

  • Patent pending technology


  • Customizable text display

  • Multiple color palettes

  • Audio reactivity

  • 50+ Patterns

content Features

  • Plug-and-play modes and playlists for shows

  • Live content generation

  • Venue integration

  • Support for industry standard lighting control protocols for real-time control