PoleFX offers a twelve (12) month warranty from time the buyer receives the good. PoleFX covers issues arising from manufacturing defects or issues that arise from approved use. For approved and non-approved use of the good, please visit the PoleFX Use Guidelines document which will be provided along with final invoice. If warranty service is needed within the first 90 days, PoleFX will cover all shipping. For remainder of warranty, if the pole must be returned to manufacturer for servicing, buyer pays shipping to PoleFX, PoleFX covers it back to buyer. Outside of warranty, buyer is responsible for shipping, parts and labor.

A service plan is available prior to warranty expiration to extend factory warranty at the price of $500 per year.


once invoice is paid in full, the order will enter the build queue. Notification of estimated shipment date will occur approximately 30 days prior to fulfillment.


Buyer is responsible for costs of shipping and handling, shipping costs will be added to the invoice.


Buyer acknowledges that the Equipment is in good and acceptable condition within 10 days of receiving the Goods. If there are any issues buyer must notify seller in writing in sufficient detail promptly upon buyer’s inspection of the Equipment.


Detailed installation instructions are provided Prior to shipment arrival. Installation is responsibility of buyer. PoleFX may provide an installation service on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. If damage occurs to goods during installation done by buyer or a third-party, buyer is responsible for cost of repair or replacement and associated shipping costs.

Questions? Please email us at sales@polefx.com