Frequently asked questions

+ How do you mount the pole?

Read about the mounting process at

+ How much power does it need?

One pole and content server may draw up to 65W.

+ How do you control it?

The normal way - The PoleFX content server hosts a web-based control interface. It is accessible by either connecting to content server’s WiFi network or connecting a device to the wired network. This method allows selecting colors, patterns, custom text, brightness and autoplay settings.

The fancy way - Instead of sending data from the PoleFX content server, VJs or lighting programmers can stream video to the poles using E1.31 sACN (streaming ACN) over the wired LAN. We can provide a sample TouchDesigner project file, though other software could be used too.

+ What does the pole feel like?

The polycarbonate surface is grippier than a standard metal pole, but less grippy than a silicon coated pole. Be cautious of the extra grip when doing high-friction moves like drops.

Expect the pole to deflect a bit more than a standard 45mm pole.

+ Does it get hot?

No, but you can feel some warmth from the LEDs.

+ Where do you ship?

Currently only shipping to the lower 48 US states.

+ Is there a weight limit?

The pole is officially rated for one 200 lb performer or two 170 lb performers, but use good judgement.

+ How do I place an order?

Email us at